The Felhö Revolution Is Here!

The Felhö Revolution Is Here!


Vape pen technology is constantly evolving. One of the primary reasons they have become the most popular device in the industry is their portable discrete and odorless experience.

Vape pen technology is constantly evolving. One of the primary reasons they have become the most popular device in the industry is their portable discrete and odorless experience.

Vape pens haven't always been the key to the industry, when CBD wax first hit the scene, it was revolutionizing the way we looked at the plant. While extraction methods were innovating in their own world, so too was the technology to use the result.

Vape pen technology had already been established by this point. Unfortunately, it didn't have the critical upgrades that it has now. The standard disposable vape was a cartridge with a cotton wick attached to a small, non-efficient battery. Still, the industry took a look at these and said "Yeah, people will buy them".

It didn't take long until those who manufacture wax looked at them and thought it would be perfect for their oils. With a few minor (only in size) adjustments, the disposable vape became one of the most iconic vaporizers in the industry.

What Made Vape Pens So Popular?

For starters, vaping is relatively odorless. This is in sharp contrast to conventional methods. The old ways would leave strong odors trailing around (even if you were outside). Thus, many took to this as a secret way to enjoy themselves without running the risk of getting caught.

On top of that, the ease of use came with major changes in the product. The first thing to be upgraded was the coil. When vape cartridges were first introduced, they were utilized for ejuice which is far thinner in viscosity. The cotton would burn out easily due to the higher voltage necessary to vape the thicker oils. This would often cause the cotton wick to burn out - leaving a terrible-tasting experience when the user was only done with half their cartridge.

Thus the hunt for more durable materials was on. Just before the vape pen renaissance, the use of dabs was making extreme pivot points for many users. Instead of having a glass water pipe, they converted it into a "dab rig" to use oils and wax. These "dab rigs" would utilize a glass, titanium, or ceramic "banger" to be heated up and have the wax placed upon it to vaporize it. These devices were expensive, sometimes messy, and required butane and a torch. The overall impression was that these dabs were for the hardcore users and not the casual vape enjoyer.

Vape Coils Innovate

Still, the groundwork for a better coil was laid here. Ceramic technology allowed for higher voltage ratios on top of handling durability tests for far longer than both glass and cotton. While it can certainly go higher, titanium still holds the highest heat resistance. While titanium can do this - it sacrifices the flavor. Ceramics maintain a high flavor profile with optimal heat settings.

Vape Pen Batteries Get A Boost

Vape pen batteries also got the upgrade. While the ceramic 510 thread cartridge was innovating for better experiences, the vape pen battery had to handle the necessary voltage requirements without running low on juice. On top of that, better technologies allowed design changes. These design changes would create more space for a customizable user experience. Additions such as variable voltage and preheat function would help boost sales for 510-thread vape pen batteries and 510-thread vape pen cartridges to the top spot.

Easy Access

By the end of 2017, every smoke shop had some cheap 510 thread battery that users could buy on their way home in case they lost or broke their old one. On top of that, 510 thread technology was implemented in order to fit the "universal standard" for 510 thread vapes. This meant if you had a vape cartridge and your pen just died, you could walk into a smoke shop, buy another 510-thread battery, and be back on your way in no time.

For those who weren't ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for a borderline chemistry set complete with a blow torch - the use of vaporizers became a simple alternative.

Where Do Vape Pens Go Next?

Two major innovations have come out in recent years. The first was with the invention of the vape pod and vape pod battery. This led to oil manufacturers claiming their stake in the vape pen world. See, while the 510 thread cartridge and the vape pen battery are "universal" - if you are an oil company that manufactures really special oil that thousands love, all you need to do is produce your own vape pod and vape pen battery. This keeps returning customers coming back for specific products.

The vape pod and vape pod battery work the same way as the standard vape pen although they are specifically manufactured to fit specific battery types.

Another hard hit is the use of disposables which have finally shed their reputation for the battery dying out or the cotton wick burning. Still, these devices are proving the be heating up in the battleground for the king of the vapes.