How Felhö Is Changing The CBD Industry

How Felhö Is Changing The CBD Industry


Felhö is the next stage in combining high-profile CBD oils with innovative and high-quality vaporizer hardware. Our pre-filled CBD vaporizers have come a long way since their humble beginnings. With innovation and developments that have changed how we vape CBD products, the best quality vape products, CBD tinctures, and topicals are what make Felhö shine.

Pre-Filled CBD Vape Pens

The industry has heavily leaned on vaporizers to provide more effective experiences for users. While burning dry-herb pre-rolled cones and wraps, vaping CBD can provide a healthier approach to new users. 

One of the reasons why vape pens have sprung into popularity was due to their focus on innovative technology and improving the overall quality for users. 

When they first hit the market, they were low-powered and the tank could not be taken off and replaced. Once you finished the CBD cartridge (or the battery died....or the cartridge burnt out before you could finish) simply throw it away. This was due to the overall impact of these vape pens being designed for standard ejuice. 

The wick inside the pre-filled cartridge was made from cotton. This was due to the natural technology at the time. Box mods were still wildly popular among those looking to get away from smoking. This was the groundwork for what was next to come. 

Vape Pens Emerge

In order for the industry to make forward momentum from their debut, they had to do some things a little differently. First, by removing that cartridge from the vape battery, manufacturers were allowed to develop them separately for their specific needs. 

The first part was to replace the cotton wick in the pre-filled cartridge with something more durable. This was either going to be titanium, glass, or ceramic. While titanium had the highest durability, it lacked a flavor profile. Glass was net, but it wasn't as durable and could easily break under minor circumstances. It did, however, have a fantastic flavor profile. The last one was ceramic. This material had extremely durable heat retention and could rival titanium, and due to the porous nature of ceramic, could produce an excellent flavor profile. 

The second was the vape pen battery. It needed to produce more voltage to the coil in order to vape thicker wax. This would drain the often smaller, less-powered, battery extremely fast. Manufacturers needed to give users the optimal performance for their products. Thus adding multiple voltage settings, larger batteries, and pre-heat functions helped give users a more customizable experience. 

Pre-Filled Vape Pens Today

Pre-filled vape pens have begun a massive transformation to adequately comfort the user. At the start, their designs were lackluster - a small, unimaginative vape pen. While discrete, the design flaw was that the cartridge would crack, or the device would bend if it was sat on the wrong way. Now, vape pens have magnetic coils that adapt the 510 thread on the bottom. They can be placed inside a protective tube attached to the battery. While these batteries have solved the cracking and breaking issues, they have also benefited from being slightly larger and providing more power and variable options. 

510 Thread Technology

From the standard 510 thread battery and 510 thread cartridge, to fully customizable 510 cartridge box mods, consumers will find the perfect fit for them. 

Outside of 510 thread technology, other aspects of the vape pen industry are gaining prominence. 

Pre-Filled Disposables

Pre-filled disposable vapes are starting to emerge due to their technological innovations. While at first, they were losing popularity fast, they have since incorporated many of the same components as 510 thread batteries and cartridges.

With temperature control options now hitting the industry, CBD oil manufacturers can now provide the perfect vape experience for their customers. 

Pre-Filled Vape Pods

 Pre-filled vape pods and batteries have been the promotional powerhouse behind many great CBD oil brands. If a customer find your CBD oil to bethe most reliable, why not sell them everything they need to use it? Vape pod batteries have been a popular promotional outlet for many oil makers. Hand out the battery for free, and users can buy your pods at their local CBD store. 

CBD Tinctures

One of the major issues that have plagued CBD products since hemp had been legalized, is the overall authenticity of the CBD that you are taking. Sure, you CAN buy gas station CBD pens - but do you want to? Overall, most consumers want to think of taking CBD as a healthier approach to other more harmful products. 

CBD tinctures help to alleviate anxiety and stress. They are also heavily used for sleeping and eating - you just need to know which one is right. Luckily Felhö has given you the perfect assortment of all CBD products. 

While CBD does not contain any psychoactive chemicals that can alter one's mind, the medical and therapeutic benefits have been reshaping how we approach certain ailments. Since then, the use of CBD products spanning from vaporizers to gummy edibles has skyrocketed.

From tinctures to gummies and even topical creams, CBD has a wide range of use and can be a benefit for many minor ailments.