Pre-Filled Vape Pens Are The Future Of Vaping

Pre-Filled Vape Pens Are The Future Of Vaping


Pre-filled vape pens are the future of vaporizer technology. With innovations happening at an alarming rate - these vape pens are some of the most upgraded and advanced vape pens on the market. 

Pre-filled vape pens are the future of vaporizer technology. With innovations happening at an alarming rate - these vape pens are some of the most upgraded and advanced vape pens on the market. 

Let's take a look at how these devices have shaped the current industry. 

What Are Pre-Filled Vape Pens?

Pre-filled vape pens are now one of the most popular devices in the industry. Their all-in-one approach to vaping has showcased tremendous amounts of technological innovations. 

This is the current result of the vape pen revolution. For us to get here, let's take a look at how this was able to be accomplished. 

Vape Pens Emerge - 2016

Vape pens first hit smoke shops across the country around 2016-2017. They were designed to handle thin ejuice and adapted to the box mod vape technology of the time. It was meant to showcase that we could make something this small that performed well. 

It wasn't long until the wax industry deduced that these vape pens were the best for wax.  Now, wax was also emerging as a way to use CBD products. Extraction methods were evolving in a somewhat tech race for the current industry. Wax, while being much thicker than ejuice - performed "alright" in comparison to ejuice. While it sometimes worked, many users at the time would complain that their vape cartridge would burn out while still having half a cartridge full of CBD oil. Thus the hunt for new and better materials was on.

There were three different material options for cartridges. The first attempt at replacing the cotton wick was to replace it with a glass coil. Now, glass at the time was very popular, and although it had a great flavor profile, it didn't hold up well to stress. Finding this out, vape pen manufacturers tried the next best option - Titanium. Titanium was used as an e-nail for dab rigs. Unfortunately, although it could handle the high heat and was the most durable material - it didn't provide an optimum flavor profile. 

The last ceramic was selected and was a perfect choice. Its low cost, high durability, and amazing flavor profile meant that this was the perfect choice for 510 thread cartridges 

Disposable Pre-Filled Vape Pens Emerge

Disposable vape pens were seen as cheap and low-cost. This left many not bothering with this level of technology...until it adapted. Disposable vape pens eventually learned that they could just implement the same ceramic technology and high-powered vape pen batteries into an all-in-one device. While it still needed improvements, it set the bar for a new and emerging vape pen design. 

While the second generation of disposable vapes brought all the technical mumbo jumbo to the foray, it was still only limited by its size. See, a small battery like that can't possibly hold enough charge without running out of power. Thus adding a rechargeable factor helped propel these vape pens to the front! 

Pre-Filled CBD Vape Pods Carve Their Niche

Due to the universal nature of 510-thread CBD vape cartridges and vape pens, an idea came to mind. What if we develop a vape pod and battery that customers could only purchase our pods in? Well - that was answered by pre-filled CBD vape pods. 

See, if the CBD oil manufacturer made a popular CBD oil, then more people would be willing to come back. Instead of allowing any device to use CBD, the vape pod had a specific vape pod battery that would exclusively work together. 

This helped in several ways. First, vape pen batteries are great promotional material. So hand these vape pens out for free. Second, once the whole world has at least three versions of your vape pen, then you suggest selling your brand CBD oil in their respective vape pods. 

Tabletop Vaporizers Still Have Their Role

While everything has gone smaller and more discrete, tabletop vaporizers have still had their foot in the popularity race. While not nearly as portable as any of the other vape pens on this list, they have the most customizable options for users. 

With the most accurate voltage settings, this allows for the most customizable vape experience for any user. 

What Comes Next?

Pre-filled vaporizer systems are the hottest trend for 2023. With so many having easy access to these products, the question now arises: how do we improve?

The answer comes in minor tweaks. While not all vape pens are created equal, quality control is what sets many apart. More porous ceramic technology will see a rise. This is to help with increasing the flavor profile of a user's CBD. Another factor currently implemented is the use of variable voltage control systems for disposable vape pens.

While we are done with the overall major innovations, now it's time to think smaller. What minor improvements can be made to these devices to improve customer satisfaction and popularity?