How To Vape CBD

How To Vape CBD


Today, all you have to do is push a button to vape CBD. Back in the day, to vape CBD you had to have a rig, torch, banger, carb cap, and wand. We now have devices the size of a lighter that are low-key and odorless. The technological improvements alongside large industry pivots have worked hand in hand to benefit one another. Let's take a look at where we started and how we got here!  

How Did We Vape CBD?

The early 2000s were a weird time. Although we didn't have smartphones and social media (well, let's not forget Myspace), technology was starting to reshape the world. 

CBD was starting to peak in the minds of citizens for legalization. Hemp farmers would be able to grow and produce non-psychoactive products such as clothing, and textiles. It was about a decade after that that someone in the world of science pointed out that the hemp plant had therapeutic properties such as stress relief and anti-anxiety assistance. 

Sure, to do this - a user would have to smoke the plant much like the female version. But many health-minded people or people who were sick were thrown off by the act of smoking a product. It also didn't give you the normal buzz that the female had, in fact - there was no buzz at all.  

If you couldn't get a buzz, and it wasn't an enjoyable experience when you were already feeling ill - then it simply wasn't going to be popular. Yes, you had some die-hards - but people still steered away from it. 

It wasn't until the technology of extraction came into the picture. 

CBD Extracts Shift The Industry

For a user to get the maximum benefit of CBD, it had to be extracted from the raw plant material. The extraction method would include utilizing C02 as a solvent to separate the CBD molecules from the plant. What was left was a sticky wax that a person could use in a rig.

The wax could also be mixed with another solvent and taken as a tincture. It could also be put into skincare products. On top of textiles, the benefits were outstanding.

Unfortunately, the standard rig of the time wasn't meant to be carried around everywhere. If you wanted to vape CBD, you needed to convert your dry herb water pipe into a rig. You needed to get a carb cap, banger, torch, terp pearls, wand, and butane to do what you wanted to do. On top of that, a rig was the least portable accessory to take with you. The entire thing was glass (unless you wanted to do it out of one of a silicone pipe) and taking all the accessories with you meant a backpack full of breakable stuff.

While there were attempts to be made such as a nectar collector, you still needed a torch and butane to be carried around with you wherever you went. 

While this was happening, the vape pen revolution was hitting smoke shops everywhere. 

Vape Pens Open The Doors To CBD

Vape pens have developed in so many technological ways. If we look at them now, they are small, compact, and disposable - when they first started, they were large, bulky, and would leak often. The technology of the time has grown astronomically. 

At the same time that extractions and CBD wax were being rolled out to users, so too were the technological advancements in the vape pen industry. 

The first disposable vapes were low-quality and were mainly designed to showcase the current technology of the time. Instead of a coil, they utilized a cotton wick. The battery was also low-powered. This was because these disposable vapes were meant for ejuice. Ejuice has a much thinner viscosity than wax. While they were a big hit in the ejuice world, it didn't take long for someone in the CBD game to say "Hey we can do this with CBD.".

The first step to vape CBD out of these disposable vapes was the make CBD vape cartridges that would attach to a vape pen. This way, the filler only needs to worry about the CBD cartridge instead of the battery. 

Many users would complain that the cotton wick would burn out far before they were done vaping. The result left them with a nasty burnt taste in their mouth. So a major component needed to be exchanged. The result was the use of ceramic coils. They would be far more durable than standard cotton wicks and would provide a much better flavor profile due to the porous nature of ceramic. 

Once that was finished, the vape pen battery needed an upgrade. 

The cool thing about technology is that is always trying to fit more into less. That was perfect for vape pen batteries due to their discrete and small nature. New vape pen batteries would need more power - and they got it. But just because you have more power, doesn't mean everything is okay. So the next step was to add variable voltage to give users a more customized experience. 

Thus, the use of a dab rig was made obsolete overnight. The reign of the CBD vape was starting. 

CBD Vape Technology Improves

Since the CBD vape has entered every facet of America, there have been some major strides in the fight for the purest, healthiest, and most effective CBD. With new products being developed every day, it wasn't a shock to see other technologies catch up. Disposable CBD vapes have since adopted many of the technological improvements the 510-thread CBD cartridges had developed. In fact, one of the most common forms of vaping CBD comes from disposables. While it was great to have a customized experience, many users just want to be able to hit a button (or just inhale) and be on their way.